February 24, 2019 Build time – 20.0 Total time – 802.0

So not a lot of work done, been a weird couple of weeks because my wife has been in the hospital so spreading my time between my two loves. Lots of drilling, longerons are drilled, side skins curled, firewall hung. I’m running out of room ….

February 13, 2019 Build time – 69.0 Total time – 782.0

Progress since last entry, tail section riveted together, longerons bent and twisted, center section deburred, primed, and riveting together now. Next entry will be joining the sections together. Now the pictures …

January 30, 2019 Build time – 25.0 Total time – 713.0

Happy Birthday Martha! I miss you everyday. Meanwhile back at the build, bulkheads are complete.

Honest officer, I stepped out to the restroom for a couple minutes. When I got back …

There was a fuselage just that fast! Once the bulkheads are done, the skin goes on quickly. A few more pictures…

Moving on, later. 😀

January 23, 2019 Build time – 16.0 Total time – 688.0

Should have said on to 904 bulkhead instead of 704, (that’s an RV7, I’m building a 9).

Anyway, 904 bulkhead/spar carry thru complete. So the construction flow for the fuselage is work front to tail, then tail to front. So I started with the firewall which is the forward most bulkhead and I’m working bulkheads until I get to the tail. Then I’ll start skinning the fuselage from the tail forward. Tomorrow starts the 905 bulkhead which supports the seat backs. Hope I’m not going too fast!

January 20, 2019 Build time 19.0 Total time 672.0

So the fuselage arrived Tuesday afternoon. Somewhat disappointed with the shipping company, crate was transported on its end and had come open in-transit.

So the inventory started almost immediately to see if anything was lost or damaged.

5 hours of inventory time and everything seems in order.

Started work on the firewall. 14 hours later …

Firewall complete! 704 bulkhead starts Tuesday morning. Stay tuned!

Fuselage arrives today!

January 15, 2019

It’s been a long two months since I finished up the wings and put them in storage. But with the holidays and needing to do a few honey-do’s, a break from building was in order. During the break however I wasn’t totally idle. One of my daughters played Santa and gave me a throttle quadrant for Christmas, thank you Sanya!

Plus I came across a interesting thread on the VAF forum for a tool cart that I had to replicate for my own use. So here’s my version….

So as the construction drought comes to a close and I wait for the trucking company to roll up, I’d like to say that I will NOT have anymore gaps in construction from here to the end. I will definitely be placing my finish kit order a good two months before I run out of fuselage parts. So the postings have resumed! STAY TUNED!

November 4, 2018 Build time 200.0 Total time 653.0

OK I KNOW! Two months without a post! I’ve been working on it though. Here’s what happened in the last two months. All control surfaces done, pitot tube and plumbing done, wiring done, bottom skins done, landing lights, nav and strobes done. Worked on fixing my numerous rear baffle rivet leaks. Cut open both tanks to fillet the baffle seam. Sealed up the baffle with 6 hubcaps each. LEAKS FIXED! DONE!

Also built a workbench power supply to check my wiring. It produces 12V @ 32A, 5V @ 8A, and 3.3V @ 5A. So it will power the plane without a battery.

I’m taking the wings to MY hangar this week! Oh and I ordered the fuselage kit on October 22. Crating date is 1/7/2019, so expecting delivery mid January. Hmm, guess I’ll work on home chores for the next two months 😏

Here’s my pictures of the last two months …