July 10, 2018 – Build time 8 hrs – Total time 337.0

Put in a solid 8 hrs today learning to handle the Proseal. Frankly, the blue painters tape, I found to be totally useless. Application of the Proseal in it’s provided caulk gun containers makes masking totally unnecessary. I just have to pick up the speed tomorrow. Tomorrow’s goal is finish out the ribs. Then get the back baffles on before Friday.

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  1. The trick to handling pro seal is to go ahead and smear some on your shirt, pants and hands, just to get it over with. After that, it will go only where you want it to go! 😳We use a lot it or some variant of it on all our fleet types.


    1. I’m a little concerned the last batch I used I might not have mixed thoroughly enough. 4 days now and some of it is still tacky. I was told by another builder that it will eventually set. Possibly two weeks. Your thoughts?


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