August 17, 2018 Build time 8.0 Total time 421.0

I know it’s been awhile. Been on the road to the East Coast picking up these …

Also, seeing old friends and relatives, also did some flying …

So that’s Fannie, Ellen, Betty and Beka getting stuff together for a little party. That’s Dusty, my old friend and best man, CFII, A&I, and so much more. We went off the coast of Delaware to do a reef survey. Here’s Rehoboth Beach on a Sunday! No thanks!

So since I’ve been back, been sick mostly. Don’t care to build when I don’t feel good. Feeling better, got some work done the last couple of days. Finished up riveting the top skins, built wing cradle so I can get the wing frame to a fellow builder in Irving next week…

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