November 4, 2018 Build time 200.0 Total time 653.0

OK I KNOW! Two months without a post! I’ve been working on it though. Here’s what happened in the last two months. All control surfaces done, pitot tube and plumbing done, wiring done, bottom skins done, landing lights, nav and strobes done. Worked on fixing my numerous rear baffle rivet leaks. Cut open both tanks to fillet the baffle seam. Sealed up the baffle with 6 hubcaps each. LEAKS FIXED! DONE!

Also built a workbench power supply to check my wiring. It produces 12V @ 32A, 5V @ 8A, and 3.3V @ 5A. So it will power the plane without a battery.

I’m taking the wings to MY hangar this week! Oh and I ordered the fuselage kit on October 22. Crating date is 1/7/2019, so expecting delivery mid January. Hmm, guess I’ll work on home chores for the next two months 😏

Here’s my pictures of the last two months …

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