August 8th 2019 Build time – 3.0 Total time – 955.0

Moving day approaches and the Finish kit arrives tomorrow.

I haven’t put any time into building this summer because of other life situations that take priority. I did take a few hours this morning to prep the fuselage for moving to the new shop.

Been spending quit a bit of time cleaning, reorganizing my dads shop in preparation to move operations to Granbury. The shop now has two A/C units (with heat for winter), new lighting, I need to get the air lines plumbed in for the compressed air then I will start moving the few pieces that I have left for the fuselage kit and the fuselage over.

So I clecoed on most of the remaining pieces which is the aft skin and the forward supports and skin. Starting to look like something I think.

So moving from this to this …

Lots still left to do, better get to it!

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