August 17, 2018 Build time 8.0 Total time 421.0

I know it’s been awhile. Been on the road to the East Coast picking up these …

Also, seeing old friends and relatives, also did some flying …

So that’s Fannie, Ellen, Betty and Beka getting stuff together for a little party. That’s Dusty, my old friend and best man, CFII, A&I, and so much more. We went off the coast of Delaware to do a reef survey. Here’s Rehoboth Beach on a Sunday! No thanks!

So since I’ve been back, been sick mostly. Don’t care to build when I don’t feel good. Feeling better, got some work done the last couple of days. Finished up riveting the top skins, built wing cradle so I can get the wing frame to a fellow builder in Irving next week…

July 28, 2018 Build time 44.0 Total time 413.0

Spent the entire week cleaning up the wing skins, dimpling, deburring. So the left wing is skinned and riveted. With the help of my lovely riveting assistant! Thank you Phyllis! This week heading to the East coast to pick up my prop and engine.

July 16, 2018 Build time -16.0 hrs Total time -369.0 hrs

Tanks are DONE! Messy tedious work. Waiting for the cure. Blow up balloons on Friday. Oh, I bought an O320 and a Catto prop on Saturday. Great price, couldn’t pass it up, just one problem, they are on the east coast. ROAD-TRIP!

July 12, 2018 Build time 16.0 Total time 353.0

Prosealed all the ribs and end ribs. Riveting done. More Proseal coming Monday. Back baffle and tank sender going in Monday.

July 10, 2018 – Build time 8 hrs – Total time 337.0

Put in a solid 8 hrs today learning to handle the Proseal. Frankly, the blue painters tape, I found to be totally useless. Application of the Proseal in it’s provided caulk gun containers makes masking totally unnecessary. I just have to pick up the speed tomorrow. Tomorrow’s goal is finish out the ribs. Then get the back baffles on before Friday.

July 9, 2018 – Build time 32.0 Hrs. Total time 329.0

Short build week last week, only 24 hrs last week. 8 hrs today. Last week was spent prepping the tank ribs and doing internal works. Today was spent prepping the tank skins, deburring, dimpling, scuffing the proseal tracks. Tomorrow proseal ready!

June 28, 2018 Build time – 10.0 Total time – 297.0

Tanks are fitted to the spar as well as the leading edges. ‘Z’ bracket drilling to the tank baffle was a no-brainer, just pay attention. Ready to match drill the leading edge and tanks. Then next week starts the Pro-seal marathon. Should be ready to pressure test next Monday the 9th!