September 5, 2018 Build time 16.0 Total time 453.0

So gap fairings are now installed. Thought I would start the ailerons. Cut the stiffeners and cleaned them up. No work on Labor Day just cleaned my area so I could show off to family and friends what an airplane factory looks like! 😂

So Tuesday I back riveted stiffeners after I dimpled the skins and stiffeners. Then I went to trial fit the skins and … STUPID ME didn’t verify I had the right skins or the right sides. Well, two of the skins I dimpled and installed the stiffeners on the wrong side. So I tell myself that sometimes mistakes are made on the production floor at aircraft plants and production must go on. I ordered two new skins from Van’s and set the ailerons aside and started the flaps. Learn from this and build ON!

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