June 25, 2019 (estimated) Build time – 150hrs. Total time – 952.0 hrs

Life has definitely gotten in the way of my progress the last few months.

So I officially “rolled the canoe” April 30th. Shortly after that my fathers health started declining and Mom had a stroke. So I’ve been playing primary care giver and their gUber driver. Manage mine and their properties. So not much time in the last two months for building. But taking care of them has been an honor and the reason I moved here from Delaware. Dad passed away a couple of weeks ago. He will be sorely missed but is now out of pain. I miss you Dad and dedicate the rest of this build to you!

So I’ve mentioned earlier that I was out of space in my two car garage. I just inherited a 30×40 shop. BUT, it is in NO shape for building. So I’ve been working since his passing to clean out, clean up and refit it to build in. I’ve filled a dumpster with stuff that filled his shop that either didn’t work or served no purpose. Included in his stuff is a Mini-Max that has never flown since he owned it and a project he started 20 years ago. A Ultralight called Banty.

So I’m not sure what to with these airframes. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to try to them. Maybe I can piece them out.

So my progress since February is as follows:

Riveted the center section to tail cone, painted the interior with JetFlex water based polyurethane, mounted the firewall, rolled the canoe, had the rudder pedals and a few other pieces anodized red, riveted aft deck on to the tail. Ordered finish kit which is due to arrive mid July. Here are the pictures…..

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